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What are the differences between MuscleDriver USA Kettlebells?
MuscleDriver Black Series Kettlebells - are a quality kettlebell at an incredible price. The Black Series Kettlebells are single cast with a 1.5-inch handle that makes it ideal for use and comfort. The Black Series Kettlebells have a matte black finish with a slightly textured surface. Each Black Series Kettlebell has a wide base for kettlebell push-ups. Perfect for bulk ordering customers and those who want a great kettlebell at a low price.
V3 Gray Series Kettlebells - Single cast, cast-iron, textured finish with 1.5 inch smooth handle. Gray hammertone paint similar to what would be on hex dumbbells found at any local gym. Perfect for those who want a little texture on the handle and base of the kettlebell. The previous V2 Gray Series Kettlebell style had a rubber boot on the bottom of the bell. We switched to a wide based bottom without a rubber boot to make it easier to do kettlebell movements such as kettlebell push ups with greater control.
Blue Series Kettlebells - MuscleDriver Blue Series Kettlebells are the same design at the Black Series and Gray Series Kettlebells, but are manufactured in a different way than those styles mentioned. The Blue Series Kettlebells are casted via Gravity Casting that provide a much more consistent casting, holding the kettlebells shape and integrity through time using the same molds. The Blue Series Kettlebell goes straight from casting to painting. Any Blue Series Kettlebells that do not cast well are discarded. Normal kettlebells are molded through a process called Sand Casting, where the molds generally make 100-150 kettlebells each before a new mold has to be produced. Most Sand Casted Kettlebells generally need to be touched up with a bonding putty and grinded to achieve a perfect finish. Gravity Casted Kettlebells are more consistent leaving the molds without needing any work to finish the kettlebells. This allows each kettlebell to have a very similar finish without inconstancies across each production run of kettlebells.
V2 Pro Series Competition Kettlebells - MDUSA V2 Pro Series Competition Kettlebells are a quality kettlebell at an incredible price. The V2 Pro Series Competition Kettlebells are single cast and have a wide smooth thick 1.5-inch diameter unpainted handle for ideal use and comfort. All V2 Pro Series Competition Kettlebells are the same size and meet competition requirements.
Fitness Series Kettlebells - Single cast, cast-iron with red vinyl coating on the base of the kettlebell. Black painted handle is 1.5 inch thick and is a smooth throughout. Vinyl coating is perfecting for protecting floors and prevent chipping. Perfect for physical therapist, gyms and personal trainers.
Black Series Kettlebells (lb)
Black Series Kettlebells (lb)
V3 Gray Series Kettlebells (kg)
V3 Gray Series Kettlebells (kg)
Blue Series Kettlebells (kg)
Blue Series Kettlebells (kg)
Fitness Series Kettlebells (lb)
Fitness Series Kettlebells (lb)
Pro Series Kettlebells (kg)
Pro Series Kettlebells (kg)
York Kettlebells (lb)
York Kettlebells (lb)
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MD Kettlebell Storage Rack
MD Kettlebell Storage Rack
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